Blue Eye
  • Reversible USB 2.0 Male-A to Type-C USB cable can be plugged-in either way at both ends of the cable
  • Same idea as Apple Lightning, but works with Type-C USB devices
  • No more fumbling behind your PC or squinting at your phone, get it plugged-in first go every time
  • Works as a phone-charging cable and data-transfer cable
  • LED light on Type-C USB end - Green for ready, pulsing Red for regular charge, Blue for fast-charge
  • Cable Length: 20cm, 50cm, 100cm
USB Type-C has been hailed as the “one cable to connect them all” – a new USB standard that is intended to replace MicroUSB, and be compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple devices for charging and data exchange.

The Type-C PC or charger end of this cable is, like the MicroUSB able to be plugged in either way up – you don’t need to check the cable’s orientation before connecting it, and so can plug it in “blind”. Type A Male was always intended to be used as the PC end of the cable – Type-B is meant for devices only, and Type-C can be used to do both.

LED lighting

The Type-C device end is reversible as per the USB standard, and in this cable the only unusual thing about it is the LED lighting system that’s built in to the end of the plug.
As with the MicroUSB cable, the LED lights up in different colours to tell you what sort of power flow is going on in the cable – green means very little activity, or standby after charging is completed.

Red indicates a fast-charge flow of current, or a device that is consuming a fair bit of power while it’s transferring data. It’ll show blue when the device is super-charging, and also briefly flickers through all three colours during self-test when first plugged in.

From a usability viewpoint, this LED is a great idea, since you can easily tell at a glance if a connected device is still busy charging/transferring, or has finished – great for Android phones that don’t have any dedicated charging status LEDs, since you won’t need to switch the phone on to find out if it’s finished charging.

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