Blue Eye
  • USB 2.0 Male-A to Micro-USB cable can be plugged-in either way at both ends of the cable
  • Same idea as Apple Lightning or USB-C, but works with existing MicroUSB devices
  • No more fumbling behind your PC or squinting at your phone, get it plugged-in first go every time
  • Works as a phone-charging cable and data-transfer cable
  • LED light on MicroUSB end - Green for ready, pulsing Red for regular charge, Blue for fast-charge
  • Fast-charge works with Quick-Charge 2.0-compatible phones
  • Cable Length: 20cm, 50cm, 100cm

Here’s a closer look at the connectors – the four power and data pins are duplicated on both “sides” of the plugs, so you can expect it to work either way up for both charging, and transferring data.

There’s no risk of you accidentally breaking the device plug socket with a wrong-way insertion either, as you might do with legacy MicroUSB cables. I really can’t understand why no-one came up with this idea when the MicroUSB plug standard was defined all those years ago, as it seems to be a no-brainer in hindsight.


There’s more!

The makers have built in an RGB LED into the MicroUSB end of the cable, which changes colour, based on what charge rate and voltage is being supplied from the charger to it’s connected device.
The default “ready” or “charge completed” colour is green. It’s fairly bright – to the point of being able to light up my bedroom far too much to sleep with it charging next to the bed!
If your USB device is charging normally, from a 5-Volt USB charger or PC USB port, the LED will pulse red. This is pretty useful too, as some devices don’t give any sign that they are charging, so the LED lets you easily tell if you connected a device successfully. Many devices will taper off their charge rate as they approach a full charge, and so the LED will go back to green when this happens.

And, if you have a phone and charger that’s capable of high-speed charging, AKA “Quick-Charge 2.0“, it’ll turn blue (it also briefly turns blue when connected to a charger, as a self-test).

Blue - quick charge, Red - normal charge, Green - charge finish.

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