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[Diamond series] Apple Lightning USB Cable, Sync & Fast Charge, 30u”gold-plated, Zinc Alloy connector body, OFHC copper conductors, green TPE cable.




Key Features:

l For Apple iPhone/ iPad, Sync & Fast Charge.

l Apple MFi certificate.

l Integrated Zinc Alloy metal body of connector.

l 30 u” gold plating on contact pins. Thickening 10 times.

l Pull-Resistant strength is more enhanced 40%.

l Thickening by 30% of power wire, using OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) Copper conductors, plus excellently soldering give fast charging speed.

l Using Green TPE cable. Non-toxic & easy recycling.

Made for 

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5

iPad Air 2

iPad Air

iPad (4th generation)

iPad mini with Retina display

iPad mini

iPod touch (5th generation)

iPod nano (7th generation)

l USB Sync & Fast Charge cable.

l Apple MFi certificate.

l Fast Charge Cable. The Charging speed is 10% ~15% faster than other MFi Lightning USB cables’. And over 40% faster than other non-MFi cables'.  

l Three key factors for giving faster charging speed & high-quality data transfer are as follows:

(1) Be thickened by 44% of power wire;

(2) using OFHC (oxygen-free high conductivity) copper conductors;

(3) plus excellently soldering.

Configuration_ Lightning Plug 

  Configuration_ USB A Plug 


Comparison list of Amber's Lightning cable & Other cables.

Amber_ Lightning

Other USB cables


Integrated Zinc-Alloy metal shielding body creates strong structure & excellent shielding.

PVC molding.

Contact pins on connector plug

30 u” gold plating on contact pins, thickening 10 times than other cables’.

Usually 3 u”, or even lower.

Soldering Technology

Patented Wiring Construction, & minutely Automatic Soldering technology create excellent & accurate conduct.

Semi-automatic, or manual soldering.

Charging Speed

9% faster than Apple original cable’s; 10~15% faster than w/MFi items’; above 40% faster than non-MFi items’.


Power wire inside cable

Be thickened by 30% of power wire to be 23AWG (0.574 mm).

Typically 28 AWG (0.320 mm).



Select grade OFHC (oxygen-free high conductivity) copper.

Usually copper, or even copper cover steel wires.



True copper braid and reach 65% braid shielding rate.

Aluminum braid and under 65% of shielding rate. Even non-braid shielding.


_ jacket

Green TPE cable and non-migration level material.



Product Spec

lLightning 8-pin male to USB A male.

lLength : 120 cm/ 3.9 ft., Black color.

Connector & Plug

lIntegrated Zinc-Alloy metal housing & connector.

lIntegrated Zinc-Alloy metal shielding body creates strong structure & excellent shielding for isolating noise interference.

lUSB A connector plug with 30 u” gold plating on contact pins.


lIntegrated & Reinforced Strain-Relief. Integrated molded SR prevents stress damage to wires.


lUSB2.0 High Speed, O.D.: 2.6 mm. Wires are 32 AWG(data) & 23 AWG(power).

lThickening power wire (23AWG) to enhance charging speed.

lUsing OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) copper conductors

lBy using Green TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) as protective jacket & SR to replace PVC. Non-toxic, non-plasticizing agent overflowing problem. Easily reused after recovering, or decomposing easily in nature.

Unit Weight

lAround 25 g/ 0.89 oz.

Unit Package

(L x W x H)

lPET box160 x 95 x 20 mm/ 6.3 x 3.74 x 0.8 inches

lUnit Package Weightaround 60 g / 2.1 oz.

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