BlueEye X1

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Product Description:

  • Ideal for watching 3D movies or gaming with optional Bluetooth controllers.
  • No need to insert your mobile phone - this headset is ready to watch your content from Wifi, memory cards, or HDMI.
  • Buttons you can feel are located on the top allow you to navigate the menus.
  • Has sensors for acceleration, compass, gyro, and proximity so your head movements translate to your content.
  • 4200mAh Li-poly battery included, charges from USB.
  • Adjusts to your pupil distance automatically.
  • Supports USB OTG to connect external USB drives and peripherals.
  • 3.5mm audio socket for connecting your headphones.
  • Soft face cushion with stretchy wide adjustable straps hold it to your head.

Note: headphone / game controllers are not included - buy Bluetooth controllers if you want to game.

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