Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box

pidanĀ® Igloo Cat Litter Box

 Igloo Cat Litter Box, a gift to your cat 

2016 Red Dot Award winner .
Spacious and practical to prevent litter tracking.
 A peaceful and warm environment for your cat.

 Minimalist yet warm 
Our French design team took inspiration from the Inuit Igloo homes of the Arctic After 86 sketches and 9 months of continuous modification, we finally managed to integrate the peace and softness of snow into the litter box.

 Thinking of cats.
 a. The large rounded shape offers a spacious layout with easy access for cats of all ages/sizes
 b. The half-open structure creates a well-ventilated and lightly lit place to offer your cat privacy and a sense of security 
c. Safe, non-toxic and tasteless raw materials from Taiwan, together with IONPURE anti-bacterial technology from ISHIZUKA, safeguard your cat like a baby 

In the name of cat lovers 
a. A large basin with no blind angles
 b. A long corridor to prevent litter from escaping the box and keep your house clean and tidy
 c. The scoop can be hid inside or put outside,* and you can simply lift the dome to clean it 
d. The ingeniously designed scoop is comfortable to hold and easy to use
 * Can be used with pidan Litter Scoop Kit (sold separately) 

Perfectly complementing different home decors 
Comfort and simplicity with an elegantly smooth design 
The soft colors blend in perfectly with different home decors 

User Instructions:
 Best way to lift the dome: Press on the doorway with one hand to tilt the back up, put your fingers of the other hand in the gap at the back, apply even pressure with both hands, and lift the cover upward.
 The Igloo Cat Litter Box is only suitable for clumping litter (bentonite, corn, tofu litter) and silica gel litter.
 For the first use, you can mix some used litter with new litter to make your cat quickly get used to the new environment. 
Please put the Igloo Cat Litter Box in a dry and clean place. Change and clean the litter regularly to optimize the environment for your cat. 

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Color: White, Pink. Blue
Material: PP Resin
COO: Made in China
Pcs/CTN: 1 Unit
G.W./CTN: 5.1KG
Dimension/CTN(cm): 56x55x50
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