Let the cat sleeping out the Beauty of Design


Gold proportional partition, spiral streamline design

We're inspired by the fantastic Fibonacci spiral curve.

Design a classic golden proportional cat nest

Spiral line cutting lets the cat sleeping out the Beauty of Design



Unique rest Space and Modern aesthetic feeling of Staggered

Revolving passageway, spacious rest space, allowing cats to naturally curl up

The high and low interlaced wooden nest,fits in with different sleeping positions and body sizes

Simple and elegant cat nest, suitable for different styles of home environment


The craftsmanship, the visible quality.

1 high quality linden wood, surface wood wax treatment, fresh and clean.

2 nest mat chooses soft cloth, exquisite tailoring, concise and full of aesthetic feeling.

3 high elastic sponge pad, close zipper design, easy to clean.

4 base anti-slip design, not easy to slide, gentle care of wooden floor.


Both cats and dogs are applicable, taking good care of your pet's sleep


Clean tips:

1. It is recommended that weekly removing and cleaning and disinfecting of nest pads be carried out to keep the nest clean and dry.

2. Ensure the humidity of the environment to prolong the service life of wood products.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun and regularly wax and polish the wood surface to maintain its gloss. 





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The product wood is taken from nature, each wood skin grain has the difference, not the lacquer brush question; the board adopts the multilayer pressing process, the transportation process may cause the fence to appear the tiny crack, returning the goods or giving them a moderate assessment because they do not accept the above reasons.

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