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Typical Wingsonic design, Easy design but solid / durable structure
MRA400/401 is made with Aluminum, ABS plastic and steel with very solid and strong feature.
Alumimum material and two 4010 fans enhance greater heat ventilation.
Two LED signals give hard drive condition at any time.
The mechanical has many ingenuities:
-Tool-less, Screw-less, and Tray-less structure.
-Patented design push bar connects to the door, gives very smooth feel while inserting and ejecting the HDD.
-Patented ejection mechanical, quick and easy change, takes only 5 seconds.
-Compatible to all brands of HDD, for all height, thickness and appearance designs.

Unique & world patent Non-scratch SATA connector (NSS-C)
NSS-Connector is a movable connector.
It owns world patents, includes EU, USA , Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and ets.
It gives point-to-point contact with hard drive.
It minimizes the friction that may cause the damage or scratch to the hard drive's gold finger.
It lengthens the life cycle of hard drive with guarantee 50,000 duty cycles.

Patent power + LED cable
MRA400/401 applied patent cables, the SATA power cable carries a 4 pin LED cable.
While installation, plug both power and LED cables onto back of the product, it gives both power / HDD access signal.
This patent cable has taken place of using backplane.
It reinforces the environmental awarenss and lower the RMA issue.

Unique mechanical design lock (Model :MRA401)
Self-developed mechanical lock is with easy and quick operation. It gives a safe and secure mode, avoids any incautious that bring the data loss risk.

Model : MRA400 / MRA401 (with lock)
Model name 3.5" SATA HDD 3 Bay
Type of HDD 3.5" SATA HDD
Product Color Black , Beige
Product Size 184 x 195 x 85 mm
  Fits in 2PCS 5.25" slot of all PC cases
Material Plastic ABS & Aluminium 6061
Hot Swappable Support
Swapping Guarantee Cycle Guarantee HDD hot swap cycle upto 50,000 times
Panel Satin & plain
Key Lock MRA400 without lock ; MRA401 with lock
Led light Blue-Power, Orange-Access
Fan DC 12V 4010 4500rpm Sleeve fan x2
Product weight 1010 g.
Working Environment 0 ~ 50°C
Operating System Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista ; Mac OS 9.0 or higher
Accessory Screw x 8; patent SATA power cable x 3
  SATA data cable x 3
Application Surveillance, Data storage, Sever

MRA400 / 401
MRA400/401, fits 3 HDD and takes two 5.25" of PC space. Smart mechanical design gives safe, easy and smooth usage. It applies NSS (non-scratch)SATA connector, and guarantee 50,000 duty cycles. It gives no damage to Hard Drive gold finger, and your precious data will be well stored under such quick / easy hot-swap environment. Easy and quick ejection mechanical takes only 5 second to change another hard drive. It gives large memory space and simply adding a RAID card can build a RAID storage with duplication and backup function.

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